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Clients we help


As an individual you are responsible for your own finances, it also means if something happens that impacts your ability to work or lifestyle your savings or family may have to be relied upon if you do not have the relevant protection plans in place.

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As a couple you may be fortunate enough to have the back up from your partner should something happen, but it could still result in considerable strain on your finances as well as relationship, and if one were to die it could impact the others future especially if your mortgage is not protected.

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The average cost of raising a child in the UK is estimated to be £75,000* up to the age of 18. Children therefore place a greater requirement for protecting the family unit.

Have you sufficient life cover in place for guardians, do you even have guardians for your children?

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*according to the child poverty action group.


As a business owner you are responsible for the successful ongoing running of your company. Not only do you need to consider protecting yourself and your key staff  but it is also important  to protect any debts, shareholders as well as staff in the form of employee benefits.


We help sole traders, limited companies, partnerships and LLP's protect their business. 

Product we advise on
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Life Cover

Income Protection

Critical illness Cover

Group Death in Service, Income Protection and Critical Illness cover for Businesses

Key Person cover, Shareholder Protection and Business loan protection

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover

Building and Contents Insurance

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Our areas of specialism
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Clients with health conditions, eg diabetes high or low BMI

Divorce and separation

Inheritance Tax Planning

Protection for the over 50's

Sucession planning with businesses

Protection for the small limited company owner/director

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Why use us? The Extra things we help with:
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Annual reviews for all clients


Reviewing your existing plans and cover from work

Placing plans into appropriate trusts

Helping you make a claim 

Helping your beneficiaries make a claim

Seminars to employees on group schemes

Tip 1 

Do you know what your fixed outgoings are?

A good starting point is to look at what you need to spend each month, how much you have in savings and then consider how long your current standard of living could last if you had no income.

Contact us to help.


Tip 2

Have you been a smoker in the past?


If you have been a smoker and not smoked during the last 12 months you can be eligible for products on non smoker rates.​​ It is always worth reviewing your eligibility for insurance. Why pay more just because you were a smoker.

Speak to us for a review.

Tip 3

One thing many people forget to do is update their beneficiary details on protection plans after a divorce, separation or birth of a child.


Check if your plans are up to date to ensure the right people can benefit.

Speak to us for help and advice.

Tip 4

Did you know if your life cover is not in a trust it can be liable for Inheritance tax as it will be added to the overall value of your estate upon death.

Do you want your life cover to be taxed at 40%? We can help ensure it is not.



Speak to us about the other benefits of trusts.