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October 16 2019-Erica Sample headshots -

Erica Sample

Owner/Director and London Female Financial Adviser

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In my spare time you will find me swimming, cycling or running as I am a keen Triathlete and Level One Coach.


I also enjoy yoga and travelling and take an interest in self development having been a participant on Landmark Forum and Strategic Coach Programme.


I have over 20 years experience in the Financial Industry, having grown and developed my business since graduating from Leeds University. Over these years I have gained experience as a business owner and more importantly developed my skills in an industry where relationship is key.


I work with Individuals and companies looking for the longer term relationship with their adviser. Ones finances are always evolving and having the one contact who you can trust and rely on at every stage of your life is something my business model focuses on.


I still have clients from my early days in the City. I have seen them develop their careers, move up the property ladder and start their own families. I have been invited to weddings and christenings. It is a pleasure to be a part of.


My main aim and focus is to ensure my clients are placed in the best possible position so that they can make sensible well informed financial decisions which they are happy with and can create Evermore Capital for themselves.


Industry Qualifications: CeMap, MAQ, Diploma in Financial Planning.




When are you ready to speak to a mortgage advisor?


Mortgages that suit your lifestyle and needs.


Protect what matters to you.

Evermore Capital realises that ones finances and mental health can be very closely linked.


We take pride in being a space for openness, where no judgements are ever made. Life can throw up a multitude of stresses with moving, credit card debt, loss of your job, sickness and poor health, divorce or separation and bereavement to name a few. It is part of life but it can be hard to manage sometimes and people can be hesitant in opening up about their worries.

With mental health being the second main reason why people are off work sick and with suicide for men under 45 being the main cause of death it is something as a society we need to tackle.

Having previously worked with the charity Mind, in an advisory role, they have kindly allowed us to offer you a link to their website. There are obviously other outlets you can use, but we simply want you to have a outlet that you can turn to should you need it and feel their website is an excellent starting place. www.mind.co.uk

Evermore Capital want to be a place you can go to for more than just products. We encourage you to prioritise your mental health and want to be a place you can feel comfortable being open and honest about what is really going on.