Mortgage Payment Holidays

If you are worried about making your mortgage payments each month due to Coronavirus please contact the Lender directly ASAP. You will be able to get up to date contact details from your Lenders website. 

If you have any problems please contact us as we do have a list which is regularly being updated.

Lenders are doing all they can to help, the general terms of the holiday are:

  • Your mortgage account must be up to date with no missed or late payments. You cannot be in arrears at the time of applying.

  • You can have a maximum 3 months as a payment holiday.

  • The payments are deferred. The missed payments will be added to your total mortgage debt and your Lender will contact you confirming the process and revised calculated monthly costs once payments resume. It will increase your overall repayment of your mortgage so please consider this carefully.

  • Your credit report will not be affected if you are approved a mortgage holiday by the Lender. However if you decide to stop paying and do not contact your lender before hand it will. So please contact your lender immediately if you are in financial difficulty.

  • Each Lender has their own process so please speak to them for clarification.

The above is just a guide.

Please contact us if you need any help.​