The types of cover we advise on:


We can help with:


  • Key Person Cover: are those key to your business adequately protected. What would be the impact of the loss of them to the business? Key person cover can ensure the business has the funds to fully function upon the death, critical illness or long term sickness of one its key employees.

  • Share Holder Protection: what would you want to happen if one of your shareholders dies; would you want the shares to go to their beneficiaries or retain the shares and provide the beneficiaries with the capital sum instead? Shareholder protection can protect the business from being run by shareholders beneficiaries.


  • Business Loan Protection: Do you have any loans that are not protected? Loan protection can ensure all debts are protected. 

  • Relevant Life Cover: Designed for the smaller employer/ Limited company owner who does not meet the minimum number of employees for a group death in service scheme.

If you are looking to provide benefits to your staff the below plans are available.


  • Group Death in Service

  • Group Income Protection

  • Group Critical Illness Cover

  • Group Private Medical Cover

We also offer seminars, presentations and one to one consultations  to staff to ensure they understand the cover they have in place and more importantly what it means to them.


It is important that you protect your business. Speak to us about your options.

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